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draw everywhere!

"Bring inspiration and help people to express their idea in imaginative ways"

  • Spatial interaction

  • Tranforming your room into a canvas

  • For kids, adults and designers

Working Prototype


"Grown Ups" often feel to limit themselves to draw with specific tools.

With kids however, anything they find can be a sketchbook to express their free spirit without hesitation.


A webcam was used for tracking the green LED light on the tip of the pen. As a user presses the left mouse button on the pen, webcam will track its location and the projector will render on a wall (or things) instantaneously.

Hardware Used 

Pen Mouse with green LED, Keyboard, Projector, Webcam

Software Used 




Founding from User Testing 

Users tend to use the pen mouse as a airbrush instead of using it as a actual pen. Keeping the distance from the object they were trying to draw on.

Next Step 


Based on the founding from user testing, design and assemble the pen (or now airbrush) into a more sophiscated final product.

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